Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Odd Oreo (Cake??)

Greetings bakers! A strange cake for you now! I'm not sure if cake is the correct word to use to describe this unusual dessert. I can't say that this was a great success. It was another dessert I made for a family gathering, it did disappear quickly, but I'm not sure if I enjoyed it. A big disappointment indeed as it has all the ingredients for a truly wonderful dessert experience. Oreos, cream and chocolate, should be yum I thought. I have no recipe for this as I found it on a website I picked at random and have lost it, oops sorry! But I will explain the basics about it! 

The cake has a crushed oreo crust and has two layers inside, the bottom is a chocolate pudding type thing the second layer a vanilla pudding type thing, covered in cream and further crushed oreos. I think the problem was that I left it in the freezer too long, and it became a rock solid ice cream cake. You needed an axe to hack into it. Amusing as it was, I just don't think the flavour was worth the hacking. My fellow excavators( In an attempt to not offend me, no doubt) said they felt they could savour it more having worked hard for it. This isn't really something one hopes for in a dessert. All in all this dessert was a bit of a flop but an experience I can learn from and hopefully not repeat in the future. Lessons I learnt from this- Take cakes out of freezer in advance of serving to friends and family, if you want to save their teeth that is!

Thanks for reading, check in soon for a more successful recipe :)

Rachael xx.