Monday, 30 January 2017

Meal Plan Monday

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little blog. I hope you all had a fab weekend! My weekend was pretty good. On Friday I made yummy pulled pork baps for dinner and we had some pretty delicious mars bar rice krispie buns ( I told you I was going to make them in my last post, I couldn't wait ha!). I know everyone has their own recipe for these but I might share mine with you as a wee treat. We also watched Zoolander 2 (weirdest plot EVER!! But I kind of liked it!), headed out to not one, but TWO amazing lakes for a walk and I baked a cherry bakewell cake to top the weekend off just perfectly. What did you do this weekend, anything fun? Today, as you all know is meal plan Monday, so I've got my meal plan for the week to share today! I made a little mistake when planning this week, I forgot we were going to visit my parents at the weekend and planned too many meals, aah well these can always keep until next week. Anyway, enough rambling, on with the food...

Tues: Tortilla Quiche and Veg, Tesco Recipe Card.

Wed: Meatballs and Mash, Tesco Recipe Card.

Thurs: Pizza, Salad and Wedges.

Fri: Pea and Ham Soup, my recipe.

Sat: Fajita Sweet Potatoes, Good Food February.

Sun: Tuna and Spinach Puttanesca, Good Food February.

Mon: Falafel and Salad, Tesco Recipe Card.

The recipes from this week are mainly from Good Food magazine (surprise, surprise, you are probably sick of me ranting about this so much!). Also, last time I was in Tesco I noticed that they had started to do recipe cards from members of the public and some of the meals sound absolutely delicious. I just had to try them! I will definitely let you know how I get on with these, as they would be another great FREE recipe resource and probably not too taxing! I'm particularly looking forward to Meatballs and MASH ( I LOVE MASH!!!) and the fajita sweet potatoes sound delicious. Are you making anything exciting to eat this week, please do share with me! Anyway, I will stop this rambling and leave you with some photos of the glorious lakes that my beautiful country is home to. Thank you so much for reading,

Rachael xx.

A Narnia-like lamp-post in Hillsborough.

 Beautiful reflections in the lake, Hillsborough.

There were so many swans, geese and ducks on the lake. For someone who is afraid of birds, this was slightly frightening.

 Oxford Island Nature Reserve, Lough Neagh.

 Oxford Island Nature Reserve, Lough Neagh.

 Lough Neagh .

That creature, right there, is me. At this point I was absolutely freezing and in need of coffee and cake!