Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What I Eat in a Day 13

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! It's now officially February too, the LOVE month. I'm not really into Valentines day but I do like the idea of spreading a bit of extra love around in the month of February, to whomever you wish, including yourself! I hope your week is treating you well, mine is going pretty good. I had cake (always good) and I had my second evening class last night. It was great, we are studying Wuthering Heights which is one of my favourite books EVER! Today's post is what I eat in a day, and yesterday was a day of great food, lots of fruit, veg, PASTA and CAKE!! So keep reading if you would like some tasty meal-inspiration.


Berry and Banana Smoothie.

I did a little workout yesterday morning so this was my post workout snack/breakfast (I struggle to eat much straight after I exercise!). It was very simple to make, I just blended a handful of frozen berries and some frozen sliced banana with some water in my Nutri-ninja! I mainly love smoothies in the morning because of the bright colours and I find they help wake me up. But yes, I'm starving by the time lunch rolls around!


Squash, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Feta and Pea Pasta and a few clementines (Of course!)

We had some leftover veg from another night so I thought it would make a nice pasta dish when all mixed together. The squash, carrot, sweet potato and feta was leftover veggie pastie filling from Sunday nights dinner. It made the perfect addition to this simple pasta dish. I just cooked about two small handfuls of wholewheat pasta according to packet instructions and added some peas for the last minute. I then mixed everything together, heating it through and adding a little of the pasta water to make a sort of sauce. It was so yummy and I was able to pack loads of veg into this meal. The feta melted a little into the sauce so it was a little creamy too.


 Slice of Home-made Cherry Bakewell Cake with a large coffee.

Let me just start of by saying, this cake was an utter triumph, so easy and cheap to make but completely delicious. The recipe came from 'The River Cottage' baking book. Actually, this is another book I would really recommend if you are into baking. I've made the cookies, coffee cake, banana loaf and this cake from the book and they have all been perfect. It really is a good day when you can have a wee slice of cake in the afternoon with a coffee, just perfect!


Tortilla Quiche with LOADS of Green Veg.

The recipe for the tortilla quiche came from one of the new recipe cards in Tesco. I thought I would pick a few up and give them a try as they looked really yummy. If you are looking for the recipe cards to try they are probably situated somewhere near the entrance of the store. I would definitely recommend giving this recipe a go, it was really simple but really delicious. I only made one change to the recipe which was to add maple cured bacon lardons, which I had fried into the filling rather than ham. There is also broccoli, cheese and chives in there, what a combination!! And of course I had to serve it up with more broccoli and peas. I always bulk up meals like this with vegetables, I just really can't get enough!

That's everything I ate yesterday! It really was such a yummy day! Did you have anything scrummy to eat yesterday? Please do share with me down in the comments. Also, has anybody else tried those Tesco recipe cards? Thank you so much for reading, I will be back again soon,

Rachael xx.