Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Meal Plan Tuesday

Hi all! Welcome to 2017!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year and are back to business feeling refreshed and inspired! I know I am! I love new year, I love the opportunity to evaluate my life and improve on areas that I feel could be better at. More to the point i'm an organisational freak and love that a new year gives me the chance to embrace this side of me! Today i'm back with my regular weekly meal plan. This weeks plan uses up some Christmas leftovers (they've been in the freezer, don't worry!) and is quite a healthy plan as i'm craving vegetables majorly after all the festive feasting. I know many of you will be on new year's diets, it's inevitable with the media pushing us to embrace a new you but I just want to say consider taking things slowly and embrace a lifestyle change rather than a diet! All too often I have thrown myself full throttle into a diet in January and have given up by the end of the month, small and healthy changes that are permanent are the way to go! Anyway, preachy bit over, on with the food...

Isn't my 2017 diary gorgeous? Well worth the searching (i'm very fussy about my diaries don't you know?).

MON: Leftover Turkey Pie, Save with Jamie.

TUES: Pea and Ham Soup with Stuffing and Cranberry Sandwiches.

WED: Whole Baked Ricotta with Lentils and Cherry Tomatoes, Good Food Jan.

THURS: Green Pesto Minestrone and Wheaten Bread, Good Food Jan.

FRI: Veggie Chilli, Good Food Jan.

SAT: Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter and Chilli Quesadillas with Green Veg, Good Food Jan.

SUN: Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary Root Veg, Good Food Jan.

MON: Meze Platter, Good Food Jan.

As you can see, a lot of these recipes come from the January edition of Good Food magazine. My lovely husband got me a subscription to this magazine for Christmas (I picked a good one!). So now, I get it delivered straight to my door before it even hits the shops, yay! I really recommend picking up a copy of this magazine if you fancy some healthy recipes for the new year, it is jammed packed with amazing meal inspiration. I've probably said this before but Good Food magazine has taught me everything I know about food and helped me fall in love with a healthy attitude towards cooking and food. I'm really looking forward to cooking some of these meals, especially the meze platter, I love meze food, oh and the veggie chilli, you just can't beat a chilli!

Well, there you have it, my food plan for the week. I hope it gave you some meal inspiration or maybe even inspired you to create your very own meal plan ( I couldn't be without mine now). I will be back tomorrow with a what I eat in a day post and fill you in on how i'm getting on with the recipes. Thanks so much for reading,

Rachael xx.