Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What I Eat in a Day 10

Hello everyone, happy hump day! I hope your day started well with a very large cup of coffee. Mine certainly did as I did not sleep at all well last night due to some pretty strong winds here in Northern Ireland but it has brought some sunny skies this morning, which is always a plus! Today is my weekly what I eat in a day post with a sneaky wee recipe thrown in for good measure, so keep your eyes peeled. I was still feeling quite poorly yesterday due to a horrid lingering cold but I managed to eat some scrummy food (something other than toast, yay!). On with the food...


 Raspberry and Cinnamon baked oats with a coffee.

This was a new recipe that I tried out yesterday morning and it was delicious and so easy to rustle up. It actually felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast, always a good idea by the way :). I'm so excited to try out different combos, I think I have found my new breakfast staple. So I thought it was too good not to share with you all. So here's the recipe...this recipe serves one ( a very generous serving).

You will need:

A handful of frozen/fresh raspberries (I used frozen)
tsp of cinnamon
tbsp. of honey
your usual amount of porridge and milk for one serving


1. Soak the oats in milk for about 10mins whilst you preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. Once soaked mix all the ingredients together and pop in a small baking dish.
3. Bake in the oven for about 20mins until it's golden, a bit crispy and set on the top.
4. Eat up and enjoy!


 Sweet Potato Quesadillas with peas and some clementines.

Lunch was leftover dinner from the night before and was these super tasty quesadillas from the BBC Good Food magazine. I also ate a mountain of peas too because I love peas, they are so delicious. I love quesadillas, they are so versatile and you can use up what ever you have in the fridge, so they are also thrifty!


Coffee with a couple of Christmas chocolates.

Need I say more, I needed my usual afternoon pick me up and the chocolates were calling for me from the cupboard, how could I say no? I am trying to switch one of my coffees in the day to green tea but i'm not doing too well with that ha! Coffee is one of my only vices.


Cauliflower, spinach and sausage bake.

This was such a delicious bake, a bit like cauliflower cheese. Essentially it's cauliflower and spinach in a mustardy cheese sauce topped with crispy sausage meat, what's not to love. This was the perfect comfort food for a cold and windy winter's night. This would also be great with potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, kale or butternut squash. It can be quite easily changed up depending on what you have in the fridge.

Wow that's a lot of tasty food. That breakfast really is a great find, I can't wait to make more combinations. Let me know if you give this recipe a go? Also, I would love to know what breakfasts you have been loving lately? I will be back with another foodie post soon. Thank you so much for reading,

Rachael xx.