Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What I Eat in a Day 12

Happy Wednesday everybody! Is it just me or is this week going by very slowly, come on Friday, hurry up! How is your week going thus far? I started a literature evening course last night which is very exciting. It's on the Bronte sisters, who wrote two of my favourite books, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights! It was weird being back at my university after 4 years but kind of nice too! I'm looking forward to analysing literature again! Anyway, today I've got another what I eat in a day post (as the title suggests, duh Rachael!) for you. Yesterday was a pretty good day food-wise, I had lots of tasty grub. On with the food...


 Porridge made with whole milk, topped with frozen berries, honey and cinnamon.

Back to an old favourite again! I just can't stay away from porridge for too long, especially on cold and dreary winter mornings! I changed it up slightly this time by using frozen red berries along with the usual cinnamon and honey. The berries worked really well as they gave a sharpness to the porridge and also turned it a lovely shade of pink, what can I say, I love eating the rainbow. This was also washed down with a huge mug of coffee (of course!).


Wholegrain Pasta, Tomato and Pea Frittata with 3 clementines.

This frittata is a variation on one I made for dinner last week. It is so tasty and so filling, it kept me full all afternoon. It's so easy to make and you can really use whatever you have in the fridge/freezer. I just used a handful of cooked pasta, a handful of peas and a handful of plum tomatoes. I mixed two eggs with some seasoning, some cheddar cheese and a drop of milk. I then added the eggs to the pan with the other ingredients and cooked for about 5 mins on the hob and then topped with more cheese and transferred to under the grill until it was set and golden. So easy and yes, I did eat the whole thing, it's all good stuff though so it's fine.


Sardine, Olive and Tomato Spaghetti Topped with Crispy herby breadcrumbs and Parmesan.

Pasta twice in one day is definitely the sign of a good day! This dish was really delicious and so easy to make. The crispy breadcrumbs take what is an ordinary pasta dish and transform it into a taste sensation. They also make it look a bit more classy. I'm not usually a fan of sardines but in this dish, they just melt into the sauce and taste amazing. This recipe was from the BBC Good Food February issue and I will definitely be making it again. Also, a quick word on spaghetti, I always use wholegrain spaghetti. I know that this isn't traditional but I find it's such an easy health swap and it works really well as it retains a little bit more of a bite than normal spaghetti. I also find that the slightly nuttier taste works really well with strong and substantial sauces like this one or a Bolognese. If you haven't tried wholegrain spaghetti you should definitely give it a go!

I also had three triangles of a Toblerone and a peppermint tea after I got home from my evening class. They didn't last long enough for a picture, ha! I've got to get that chocolate in every day, even if it is pretty late.

So, there you go, everything I ate yesterday! I hope enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed eating it (ha ok, maybe not!). Did you have any tasty meals yesterday, please do let me know. Thank you so much for reading, we'll talk again soon,

Rachael xx.