Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What I Eat in a Day 8

 Hello and Merry Christmas from Portstewart in Northern Ireland. I'm staying with my family in my family home over the Christmas holidays, yay! I'm so looking forward to all the yummy food! How are your Christmas plans shaping up? Today I have a what I eat in a day post and it's slightly different as I am in a different home with different foods, also slightly more pricey ingredients which is always fun! I'm still trying to eat relatively healthy, as I don't want to be feeling yucky over Christmas, I tend to feel like that when I go all out on rich fatty foods. So on with the days yumminess...


Lizzie's Granola, Greek yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries, a teaspoon of honey and a glass of apple juice.

This was such a yummy breakfast and a great start to the day! A good few portions of fruit and it kept me full for a while! I never buy Lizzies Granola as it is quite expensive but my parents love it as it has a higher protein content and lower sugar so is pretty healthy (it tastes delicious too). I also had a teaspoon of fancy honey which was so delicious! See what I mean about the pricier ingredients.


A flat white with a slice of Carrot Cake

I was helping my sister finish her Christmas shopping in our local town so naturally we had to pop in to my favourite coffee shop EVER. It's called Lost and Found and is in Coleraine in Northern Ireland. It's AMAZING! The décor is very industrial and the staff are so nice, not to mention the amazing buns, coffee, breakfasts and brunches. Yum yum! I had a flat white and a slice of their carrot cake, it was so scrummy! I always feel like the test of a good coffee shop is how good it's carrot cake is, this one did not disappoint. If you are ever in Northern Ireland you must check it out :).


Two slices of wheaten bread with cream cheese, cured ham and a handful of grapes.

Bit of a random lunch, we had a smorgasbord of delicious grub. I will still kind of full from my cake so just had a light lunch. I love the combo of ham, cheese and grapes, it's so yummy. I also had to have my obligatory slices of wheaten bread, I love the stuff.


Stuffed Baked Pasta Rolls and a big salad (not pictured).

Not the most attractive picture, sorry! I was definitely more intent upon eating this rather than photographing it. I first made this for dinner last week for my husband and I, it was so good, I made it again this week. The pasta rolls are stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, chicken and ricotta and baked with a tomato sauce and parmesan cheese on top. It is delicious and the perfect comfort food with a big salad and a (big!)glass of red wine!

And that was me (plus, a lot of Christmas chocolate, not pictured! ha!). Hope everyone is eating some yummy festive food and enjoying as much as they can the festive season thus far! I will be back soon with another post! Thanks for reading,

Rachael xx.