Monday, 12 December 2016

Meal Plan Monday Festive Edition

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas (not quite, but i'm enthusiastic)!! Welcome to a very special edition of meal plan Monday! How was your weekend? I hope Monday has been treating you well thus far! Today's meal plan Monday brings you some delicious and festive inspired meals to help get you in the festive spirit or to give you some inspiration for your meals over the festive period. I'm so excited about this meal plan as I love festive food but I also tried to keep it semi-healthy as I know full well that I will over-indulge pretty soon. So, this week you will see some familiar festive ingredients popping up, Brussel sprouts, blue cheese, cranberry sauce and smoked salmon, um yum (my mouth is watering already). These meals would all be great for using up Christmas leftovers, you know when you a vat of sprouts and blue cheese that just need using up. A couple of these recipes could even be great starters for Christmas day or Christmas eve suppers. I really enjoyed coming up with this meal plan, there's always so many tasty festive meals to try and let's face it, three days is just not long enough to eat all the Christmas food, we've got to drag it out! Price-wise, this week was a little more than I normally pay for a week's groceries (only £5, not too bad!) but when you consider the quality of the ingredients and the meals, I thought this was all right. Let's get on with the plan...

Tuesday: Salmon and Cream Cheese Frittata with Green Veg, Tesco Magazine.

Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Roasted Sprouts, Tesco Magazine.

Thursday: Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Pasta Rolls, Tesco Magazine.

Friday: Crustless Stilton and Squash Quiche with Green Veg, Tesco Magazine.

Saturday: Stilton and Parsnip Soup with Wheaten Bread, my recipe.

Sunday: Hearty Whole-wheat Pasta with Brussel sprouts, Nigelissima.

Monday: Cuban Black Bean Soup and Cheese Toastie, Nigella Christmas.

As you can tell, this week's menu inspiration came mainly from the Christmas Edition of the Tesco Magazine. I've said this before on the blog but this is an absolutely wonderful resource for meal inspiration and it's free, which is great for recipes this good! I always pick up the new issue any time I'm in Tesco and keep them to refer back to. You should definitely check it out when you are in Tesco, or any of your local supermarkets, I believe they all have their own magazine with recipes. The other recipe books I used this week both come from the amazing Nigella Lawson. You just can't do Christmas without this amazing lady's input, no-one does Christmas entertaining quite like her. I used both her Christmas cookbook and Nigelissima for inspiration this week. Both are great recipe books and two of my favourites so I would definitely recommend picking up a copy for the holiday period.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your festive meals and Christmas menu! I'm definitely looking forward to making these this week, especially the frittata, the quiche and the pasta rolls (I LOVE pasta, mmm...carbs!). What are your favourite Christmas meals? Please do share with me, i'm all out about the Christmas food! I will be back tomorrow with another festive post, this time I will be getting crafty (i'm leaving you in suspense ha!). Thanks so much for reading,

Rachael xx.