Friday, 16 December 2016

Oreo Christmas Pudding Truffles

Hello again everyone! Its Friday, yay!! How's everyone feeling coming up to the last weekend before Christmas? The last opportunity to buy presents, anyone stressing? Hope not! I'm back today with a great festive treat that makes the perfect (last minute) edible Christmas gift! They only take about 40mins and taste absolutely scrumptious, you need to be careful you don't eat them all yourself (I definitely could be guilty of this)! Oreo truffles, i'm sure you have heard of them, everyone has their own way of doing them, today i'm going to share with you my very easy recipe!


2 packets of oreos, I used one double stuff and one normal packet (I also ate 2 biscuits, oops)
1tsp of vanilla extract
200g dark chocolate, chopped
50g white chocolate, chopped
150g of cream cheese
festive sprinkles


1. Use a food processor to blend up the oreos into a fine crumb and empty the crumbs into a large bowl.
2. Add the cream cheese and vanilla to the bowl and mix until fully combined.
3. Line a baking sheet or plate with baking paper. Roll the mix into truffle sized balls. My mix made about 20 truffles but you could make more by making them slightly smaller. Cool in the fridge for about 20mins.
4. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate gently in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.
5. After the truffles have cooled, roll each one in the dark chocolate to coat and put the tray of truffles back in the fridge for another 10mins.
6. Meanwhile, melt the white chocolate gently in the microwave in 5 second bursts.
7. When the chocolate coated truffles have cooled and the chocolate has hardened drop a dollop of white chocolate on the top of each one. Try and let the white chocolate drip down the sides just like a Christmas pudding.
8. Add your festive sprinkles, I found these Christmas tree and bauble sprinkles that I made to look like holly but anything similar will do! And finally pop in the fridge for 10mins until ready to scoff, gift or serve. These will need to be kept in the fridge until you are ready to give them as a gift as they have cream cheese in them so I wouldn't make them too far in advance!

A really easy recipe, wouldn't you agree? A great one to get the kids involved, they would love mixing the truffles, rolling them into balls and topping with the festive sprinkles! Go on and give them a go, even just to munch on yourself whilst watching Elf (my plan for tonight, wild Friday I know!). If you have any questions, just ask in the comments below. I hope you enjoy making and eating these cuties just as much as I do. I will be back again soon with another tasty post, thanks so much for reading,

Rachael xx.