Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What I Eat in a Day 6

Hello everyone and happy hump day, welcome to another what I eat in a day post! I had quite a busy day yesterday baking and cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Thankfully this meant I has some yummy treats to eat throughout the day and help me through a very cold, dark and drizzly day! I ate quite a lot this day as the day before we had NO food in the house and I couldn't make any tasty treats (major organisation error with the grocery shopping on my part), I didn't have any of my usual meals to look forward to and it was a very sad day for food (think plain pasta for lunch, yuck!). So, we got our grocery delivery the night before this day and voila I had all the food I could possibly wish for (except the dominoes pizza, pastries and cinnamon rolls I always crave!). This is what I ate yesterday...


Porridge made with whole milk topped with apple, honey and cinnamon

Back to an old favourite, I just can't get away from porridge at the moment. Nothing gets me warmed up and energised for the day like a huge warm bowl of sweet porridge, just lovely! I'm still trying to think of new and inventive ways to make my porridge in the morning but this is my absolute favourite and feels very festive, perfect to eat looking at the twinkly fairy lights on our Christmas tree.


 Butternut Squash soup, wheaten bread and two clementine's

I posted the recipe for this soup and bread yesterday (you can find the recipe here) and boy was it delicious! I love the kick of heat that the chilli gives in the soup, perfect for warming you up on a dark and dreary day and perfect with the crispy cheesy bread dipped in! Yum yum! And to top it all of, as usual, I had my obligatory clementines!


 A slice of banana bread topped with butter and cinnamon, and a large coffee

This afternoon I definitely needed a wee pick me up and I had loads of over-ripe bananas so I had the genius brainwave of making some banana bread! I love the smell of this baking almost as much as I love the taste! You can find the recipe I use for banana bread here. It's a Nigella Classic and is perfect slathered in butter and sprinkled with the spice of the season, cinnamon. And of course it tastes great washed down with a big cup of coffee for an afternoon jolt of energy! Just perfect for a 5minute break to revive and refresh for the rest of the day!


Crispy Chicken Traybake

Dinner was this delicious Italian Crispy Chicken traybake, a new recipe I have not tried before! This recipe came from the Mob Kitchen UK team, you can find their website here with loads more tasty recipes. This dish was absolutely amazing flavour-wise and was so easy to throw together, that's literally what you did, just throw everything in the tray and bake, simple and delicious! The dish comprises some of my favourite ingredients, olives, loads of garlic and crispy ciabatta bread! The Mob Kitchen website/ Instagram is a great resource for recipes, they cater for every dietary need and create nutritious and delicious meals to feed your family. Every meal they create feeds a family of four for under £10, amazing value for a meal this delicious! You should definitely check them out if you are looking for some delicious and affordable recipe inspiration.

Dinner was again followed by a huge mug of peppermint tea, you really can't beat it as a nightcap (for some reason it makes me so sleepy). We drank our tea whilst watching Lost, we finished season one last night and I can't wait to start season two, what a cliff-hanger! I'm such a sucker for a cliff-hanger, they always get me to watch 'just one more episode' (in reality like 5)! And there you have it, everything I ate yesterday, hope enjoyed this peep into my life of food. I will be back again on Friday with another exciting foodie post, thanks for reading,

Rachael xx.