Monday, 18 February 2013

Crafty Project: Cute Tea Light Candle Holder

Hey lovely people! So my valentine's themed bake didn't go as planned with a lot of family illness occurring and distracting me, they turned out not so pleasant to eat! So I thought I would share my first crafty project. It is very simple and looks really cute on a mantelpiece on a chilly wintery night (every night in Northern Ireland). Here's a wee pic...

You will need....
an empty clean soup can
something sharp (knife, nail, skewer etc)
a tea light candle
How to make....
1. Fill can with water and put in the freezer.
2. When the water has frozen, get your sharp object and punch small holes in any pattern you would like. I used hearts for the valentines day theme.
3. Melt the ice inside. Insert a tea light candle, light it and enjoy a soft and pretty glow.
Hope you like this crafty project! It's a good way to recycle something that would otherwise be considered rubbish. Hope everyone had a nice valentine's day. Were you spoiled? I was but I had to work that evening which was a bit of disappointment. I will be back soon with another bake for you soon :) Much love,
Rachael xx.