Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spiffing Spinach and Ricotta Pie!

Hiya! So here is a first for me on the blog, my first healthy dish, with no chocolate involved whatsoever! This lovely pie is full of flavour and light on the calories. The pie is supposed to be made with Filo pastry to make it extra healthy, however, where I live it is impossible to find this type of pastry so I had to use puff (not as healthy but just as tasty!). I will include a link to the recipe at the end of this post, it's from BBC Good Food. This lovely little pie was introduced to me by a good friend. It is wonderful as a vegetarian pie but I added some bacon lardons into the mix as my family are real meat-eaters. It made me feel all warm and cosy inside, I think this is due to the nutmeg which stirs up memories of Christmas drinks on cosy coffee shop evenings in winter :) just perfect!

Hope you enjoy giving this a go and it stirs up wonderful feelings for you too. Is there any food for you that brings up memories, happy or sad?

Rachael xx