Thursday, 26 January 2012

Outstanding Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hello again :)! Let me just start by saying that these cookies are amazing, so quick and easy to make, yum! I have had three goes at making these wonderful little biscuits, each time they have been devoured almost instantaneously and everyone loves them :).

I came across this recipe on the website, I can't remember who posted it but they are an absolute genius. This cookie glory happened one day I was feeling particularly lazy. I really wanted to make a lovely baked treat but couldn't be bothered to go to the shop. I had to make something that I already had all the ingredients for, step forward these cookies with the selling point that they are eggless (I had no eggs,I vital component to some baked goods).The perfect solution to my lazy dilemma. I changed the recipe only slightly, I added some cocoa powder just to make them a little bit sweeter and to satisfy my chocolate craving. These cookies were perfect for exam revision nibbles, everyone knows you must eat lots of chocolate at this time of year (or maybe that's just me!). They only take about 12mins in the oven, so pretty much and instant chocolate fix.

Although perfect on their own,they are delicious crumbled over vanilla ice cream with vanilla syrup drizzled over (can you tell I love vanilla...Mmmmm!). Lovely as an extremely simple dessert and can be served in pretty glasses to glam it up for a dinner with friends! I also think it would be interesting to use these in a topsy turvy whatever you have in your cupboards trifle!(I love this kind of cooking.)

At this stage in the blog I would like to say that I do eat 'normal' food as well. I love to cook nutritious dishes too, hopefully in the future I will manage to blog about some healthy main meals I have made.I'll keep you posted :). Happy treating guys!

Rachael xx