Monday, 14 November 2016

Meal Plan Monday- Quick and Easy

Hi everyone and welcome back to another meal plan Monday. I realised that last weeks meal plan featured a lot of long recipes, they weren't very difficult to prepare they just took a long time to cook and I also realise that this is not the most practical for a weekly meal plan. So, this week I have tried to feature recipes which are either very easy like the slow cooker chilli or are very quick, 30 minutes or less. That way when you get home from work and are starving, dinner is only 30 minutes away, yay! The weekend recipes however are slightly longer as we have a wee bit more time to cook on these days. You will notice that two of the recipes are the same as last week as we didn't end up eating them last week. Both meals are store-cupboard meals so they can be switched about whenever we feel like having them. So here we go...

Tuesday: Veggie Stir-Fry, my recipe

Wednesday: Tuscan Bean Soup and a cheese toastie, Avoca Soup

Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognese, my recipe

Friday: Mexican Chicken Burgers and Sweet Potato Wedges, Good Food November

Saturday: Sausage Beanpot, Good Food October

Sunday: Veggie Gurkha Curry, Jamie Oliver Family Classics

Monday: Slow Cooker Chilli and Rice, my recipe.

There you have it, that is what we will be eating this week. There's a bit more meat than we would normally have but that's because we have loads in the freezer. On a side note that is a great tip for meal planning. We always go to the butcher on a Saturday and get all our meat for the week and put it in the freezer as soon as we get home. This way you have exactly what you need and it doesn't go off so you eliminate any waste ( you just have to remember to take it out of the freezer to defrost, I have forgotten this so many times, oops).

Each week I am hoping to share a different meal plan with you for different circumstances, next weeks meal plan will be a weekly meal plan which will hopefully work out very cheap, along with a few tips on how to meal plan very cheaply. If you have any requests for meal plans please do let me know as I love to work them out for people and the more difficulties e.g. budget, time, vegetarian, low-carb etc. the better ( I like to give myself a challenge). Also, please feel free to share your meal plans with me as I would love to see them. I will be back later on in the week with a what I eat in a day post where I will let you know how I'm getting on with the plan and maybe share a cheeky recipe or two, so stay tuned for that. Again, thanks for reading and we will talk again soon,

Rachael xo.