Friday, 20 January 2017

Favourite Foodie Christmas Presents

Hello everyone, it's finally Friday, woop woop! Who's got that Friday feeling? I certainly have, I'm looking forward to a weekend of winter walks, getting organised and of course, tasty food and drink. We are having spaghetti for dinner tonight and I'm scarily excited (pasta fiends put your hands up!!). Today I have a long overdue Christmas gift post, I got so many lovely presents that I definitely didn't deserve, it was so hard to choose some favourites. But, I decided to pick a few of my favourite food and drink gifts.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa nibs

I'm sure you have seen me using these in different dishes in my January posts. I absolutely love them, they give that chocolate flavour with a crunch and reduced sugar which is fab post Christmas. I use them on top of yoghurt, porridge and even in baking. I had never tried these before now and am so glad I got them as I will definitely be repurchasing.

Hario V60 Coffee Maker

This was actually a present I got for my husband, Sean. He's a big coffee lover and has many different ways of making coffee. Little did I know that I would enjoy this present as much as him. It uses a pour over method of making coffee which is super simple and even more tasty. Definitely an investment if you are into your coffee, it's quite inexpensive too compared to other coffee production methods.

Eden Mill Gin

My husband and I love a G+T at the weekend and this was a Gin that we had never tried before. It comes form St. Andrews in Scotland and is really delicious. Also, I really love the bottle, I kind of can't wait till it's done and I can put some pretty flowers in there.

 Tesco Clementine Honey and Oat Shortbread

Firstly I love the tin, again I can't wait to put some flowers in there and secondly these biscuits are truly amazing and perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. The flavours are so subtle in these but they taste nothing like any shortbread you have ever tasted. I think they would be lovely crumbled on top of a chocolatey dessert.

Rice Cooker

This was a gift from my parents. This has revolutionised the way I cook rice, so simple and the rice is perfect every time. A great investment for the kitchen if you eat a lot of chillis, burritos, curries and stir-frys like us! It's also great for steaming vegetables but I haven't tried this yet, I still have that to look forward to!

Co Couture Chocolate

As you know, I am a chocoholic and let me just say that this chocolate is amazing!! It's from a local chocolatier to us in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We received a couple of bags of these mini chocolate bars, raspberry and white chocolate and salted caramel. They are so delicious and well worth a try if you are ever in Belfast. I love that they were only made down the road.

And there you have a few of my favourite foodie Christmas gifts. There were so many more but these were the top few (for this read the only ones we hadn't eaten yet, ha!). Did you get any yummy Christmas gifts? I would love to know! Also, have you tried any of these tasty treats? Thank you so much for reading, I will be back with another post soon,

Rachael xx.