Thursday, 27 October 2016

What I Eat in a Day

Hi again!! Now this might be quite a boring post or you might be thinking TMI when reading but I am literally obsessed with watching these videos on YouTube and reading posts just like this. I think they are great for getting meal inspiration and great easy ideas for meals and meal plans. This day that I have documented is just a normal day for me, not very healthy and not very unhealthy, just normal and easy. So let's get started, I hope you enjoy and get some foodie inspiration.


Full fat natural yoghurt, Banana and honey, Coffee and Water
This is my favourite breakfast at the moment, a good big dollop of FULL FAT natural yoghurt, I love Yeo Valley Organic or Onken Biopot. You will notice I have highlighted the fact that it is full fat, the low fat stuff is horrible and not very good for you, there's usually lots of sugar added. Natural Yoghurt is great for getting your good bacteria. I top this with a sliced banana and a good drizzle of honey, and that's it very quick, simple and easy. I also have a big cup of coffee and a big glass of water, I couldn't get through the morning without my coffee. As you will see I really struggle with breakfast, I always find something I like and stick with it until I move unto something else and have that religiously! I am getting better and have a great recipe for French toast and pancakes that I add in to the mix but usually on a Sunday (ha! i'm trying to get a Sunday tradition going).

Sausage, Bean and Pasta Stew, Apple and Water
Okay so for lunch I had leftovers from dinner the night before (very glam). As a rule I always make enough dinner for 4 (there's only 2 of us) this just means I always have something healthy, filling and free for my husband and I to take to work the next day for lunch ( although sometimes this backfires and we have been known to eat the whole thing, ooops). This is a new recipe I tried, and boy was it tasty. It was so easy to make, was about 4 of my 5a day and packed a punch flavour wise. Here's a very basic overview of the recipe
-fry 2 onions, 2 carrots and 6-8 sausages in some olive oil in a pan for about 20mins making sure that the sausages get some colour on the skin (this adds loads of flavour).
-Crush in 3 garlic cloves and fry for another minute then add in a tin of tomatoes and some chicken stock, simmer for another 10mins. Add the pasta (whatever you have on hand, we used macaroni but some whole wheat penne would be nice too). Cook for packet instructions.
-add in your beans (again whatever you have) and add in some frozen peas. Top with cheese and that's you done. Yum yum!
2 Home-made salted caramel melt in the middle cookies and a coffee
Now, the good stuff! Ha! Anyone who knows me knows that I HAVE to have chocolate in some form every day, i'm actually addicted. I have been trying to work on this and wean myself off sooo much chocolate and I can now survive with only 1 chocolate treat a day, yay me! So, todays treat was these cookies which are so yummy and perfect with a cup of coffee. The recipe is an adapted recipe from the October Tesco Magazine. On a side note this magazine is free from Tesco and has amazing recipes in it, great for those who are just starting out in baking and cooking and don't want to spend loads of money on recipe books. The cookies are the perfect mix of crunchy and soft in the middle and are jam packed with chocolate chips and nuts. Just writing about them is making me want to bake some more! (see, ADDICTED!).
Pea and Feta Pearl Barley Risotto
You may not have heard of using pearl barley in a risotto before but let me just tell you it is amazing and SO MUCH cheaper than traditional Arborio risotto rice. It works just like risotto rice, it's soft but with a bit of a bite and soaks up flavour amazingly well. Pearl barley is also so much easier to cook, none of this standing by the pot stirring and ladling like your life depended on it, you just add your stock and leave to simmer until it's done, ta-da! If you needed any more encouragement it is also very good for you, it's high in fibre and protein which is great for a vegetarian meal. It's such a great grain and is a perfect store cupboard ingredient. When you add salty feta and sweet peas with a hint of lemon and mint into the mix this is a very scrumptious dish and pretty healthy too. I got this recipe from the October issue of Good Food magazine and it has loads of amazing recipes using pearl barley on their website, go on give it a go! Gone are the days of it just floating about in a veggie soup in primary school (this was why it took me so long to try it, yuck!).
That's it! That's my first what I eat in a day done, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe picked up some tips along the way. If you have any suggestions for yummy quick breakfasts, please do share, i'm always looking for inspiration.
Thanks for reading! All this talking about food has made me hungry, I've got to go and get another one of those cookies. Bye!
Rachael xo