Monday, 13 February 2012

Wonderful White Chocolate and Strawberry Scones!

Hello Baking people, sorry this post has been a long time coming! Technical difficulties have prevented me from bringing these little delights to you. These scones are my second attempt at baking scones. My last attempt was cheese scones that appeared more as cheesey stones. These were much more successful. The recipe was loosely based on the raspberry scone recipe from Mary Berry's Stress Free Kitchen book. Again she pops up, I do think that she is my hero and inspiration. However, I did alter a few things about the recipe (not that it wasn't perfect already Mrs Berry).

I could not find raspberries in my local supermarket so I decided that some juicy strawberries and white chocolate would work just as well. I also added a teaspoon(or two!) of vanilla paste to the egg and milk mixture that was added to form the dough. The recipe was easy to follow and the scones turned out perfectly. However, I think in future I will just use raspberries. It was so satisfying baking a traditional bun that many would enjoy. I made a little parcel and gave them to my boyfriend to take to work to give him something sweet to keep him going throughout the day! I don't think I would be interested in cooking if I had no-one to enjoy them!

I recommend this recipe for you to try, these scones are perfect for afternoon tea and mid-morning snack. My dream is to open a bakery/cafe and these scones will be a perfect staple. What is your favourite thing to order from a cafe/bakery?

If you would like to try the recipe and can't find the book, leave me a wee comment and I will give it to you :)!

Happy Baking! Rachael xx