Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What I Eat in a Day 14

Happy Hump day everyone, I hope you are having a fabulous week! I'm back today with another what I eat I a day post, yay! I'm still really loving doing these posts, I love how I am able to look back over recipes that really worked and I enjoyed, for inspiration for future meal plans. I'm also finding that I am finding new and exciting things to have for breakfast rather than sticking to the same boring thing every morning. I mean I actually strayed away from porridge this week, what a surprise!!


 Healthy-ish vanilla and cinnamon French toast topped with banana and honey.

As I mentioned I was trying to think of something different to have for brekkie rather than porridge, when my husband suggested French toast. Now normally I reserve this recipe for Sundays as a treat. But why not treat yourself mid-week too. It's pretty healthy, easy and also pretty delicious.
Here's how you make it... (this makes enough for one person).

  • Mix one egg with a drop of milk, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 1/4tsp vanilla extract.
  • Put your non-stick frying pan on a medium heat with a small knob of butter.
  • Soak your 2 slices of bread in the egg mixture, on both sides. I normally use brown bread for a bit of extra health but I used white bread this time and it worked really well too.
  • Fry both slices in the frying pan until nice and brown and crispy on both sides.
  • Pop on a plate, slice and top with whatever you please. In my case, sliced banana, honey and of course more cinnamon.
This is such an easy and tasty recipe and will impress anyone on a brunch date.


 Home-made Baked beans and a baked potato.

Not the prettiest picture but sometimes you just can't beat a lovely baked potato with baked beans, perfect comfort food. These home-made baked beans were delicious, I added a wee bit of chopped bacon to it, which made it even more yummy. I would love to have topped this with cheese, but alas we didn't have any.


 Caramel Waffles and a large coffee.

CARAMEL WAFFLES are the love of my life (sorry Sean!). They are very dangerous to have in the house as I could probably eat a whole packet. But two are just perfect with a cup of coffee as an afternoon sugar rush! I love to set them on top of my coffee until the caramel centre is all oozy and gooey! Am I making you want to buy some yet?


Sweet Potato Falafel, avocado and vegetable couscous salad.

This meal was 'inspired' by a Tesco recipe card. When I say inspired, I mean I wanted to make it as the recipe card suggested but when it came to it I realised I had a load of ingredients missing, oops! So, I just sort of made do with what I had in the house. The falafels were pre-made from the freezer section of Tesco. I don't normally buy pre-made stuff but I thought I would give these a go. I had a wee look at the ingredients and they seem pretty good. I was a tad sceptical but boy were these delicious, they were so yummy in fact that they will now be a regular occurrence on my shopping list. I was so surprised they were that tasty and not to mention quite cheap. Whilst eating them I was coming up with all kinds of recipes to use them in. I would really recommend giving these a try, they are vegan too!

So there you go, everything I ate yesterday. A very tasty day if I do say so myself! I also really recommend giving that French toast recipe a go, it feels like such a treat but without anything unhealthy. What are your favourite treat breakfasts? I would love to know down in the comments. I hope you are having a lovely day and thank you so much for reading,

Rachael xx.